"Again, a law may be both constitutional and expedient, and yet may be administered in an unjust and unfair way." - Abraham Lincoln

Areas of Practice

General Criminal Defense
    Sexual Assault
    Aggravated Robbery /
   Aggravated Assault
   Drug Offenses
   Conspiracy, distribution,
   and possession
     Drugs including
    heroin, marijuana,
    cocaine, analogs, and
    others, at state and
     federal level
     Money Laundering
   Firearms Violations
   DUIs / DWIs
White Collar Crime
   Mail and Wire Fraud
   Bankruptcy Fraud
   Securities Fraud
   Medicare Fraud
   Theft / Embezzlement
   Money Laundering
   Tax Fraud
   Tax Evasion
Appeals / Post
Conviction Relief
State and Federal Offenses


I am dedicated to your legal needs.

Every legal outcome can have a serious impact on the quality of your life, forever. So, make sure you hire someone that provides you with the legal advice you deserve.

Before he graduated from law school, Mr. Hawkins knew he wanted to represent people, be in the courtroom, and try cases. His focus in law school was criminal law and, after a brief stint with a Wisconsin general practice law firm, where he clerked for a criminal defense lawyer, he began clerking at the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office where he was able to try criminal cases under the supervision of the managing lawyer.

After graduating from law school, in 1980, Mr. Hawkins started working at the Law Office of Douglas W. Thomson. For seven years, Mr. Hawkins was mentored by Mr. Thomson. By example, Mr. Thomson taught Mr. Hawkins integrity in the courtroom, professionalism towards the prosecution, frankness and forthrightness with the judiciary, the art of cross examination, and the impact a final argument can have on a jury. Mr. Hawkins quickly learned that a successful defense of a client is only limited by the lawyer’s imagination, his understanding of the client, and his ability to apply the law to the facts of the case.

Mr. Hawkins started practing criminal defense in 1980 and started his own practice in 1987. Since that time, his focus has been limited to the representation of individuals and corporations, or their employees, being investigated or accused of a crime. Mr. Hawkins has represented over 2000 clients and has tried over 200 state and federal jury trials.

Mr. Hawkins sees his role in the criminal justice system as an important one. Mr. Hawkins understands the only barrier to the onslaught of organized government against a citizen accused of a crime is their lawyer. “I try in every case, whether a murder or a DWI, to get my client acquitted of the charges within the bounds of ethics and the law.”