Notable Cases


Mr. Hawkins represents clients who have been charged with crimes
at the state and federal level. He has represented clients in the courts
of numerous state and federal jurisdictions including, but not limited to,
the United States District Courts for the Central District of California,
Eastern and Southern Districts of Texas, Northern District of Iowa, Eastern
District of Washington, Western District of Wisconsin, Nebraska, Nevada,
North Dakota, South Dakota, and Utah, and the state courts of Arizona,
Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and
Wisconsin. Some of Mr. Hawkins’ significant cases include the following:



Federal Cases

United States v. J.D.D. (Iowa)
Major methamphetamine conspiracy dismissed.

United States v. J.J.T. (Utah)
Possession of marijuana with intent to distribute dismissed after suppression motions granted and appeal by the United States in 2004.

United States v. J.G. (Minnesota)
Acquitted of both conspiracies to distribute analogs and all felony distribution counts, convicted of two misdemeanors.

United States v. R.C. (Minnesota)
Acquitted felon in possession of a firearm.

United States v. R.T. (Minnesota)
Lawyer acquitted of conspiracy to impede and impair the I.R.S.

United States v. B.P. (Nebraska)
Acquitted of possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

United States v. M.M. (Minnesota)
Acquitted of continuing criminal enterprise.

United States v. J.H.O. (Minnesota)
Securities fraud case that went to the United States Supreme Court under misappropriation theory of insider trading.

State Cases

State of Minnesota v. C.M. (Koochiching County)
First degree premeditated murder; plea to unintentional second degree murder.

State of Minnesota v. R.D. (Wright County)
Acquitted first degree criminal sexual conduct; records expunged.

State of Minnesota v. T.H. (Ramsey and Hennepin Counties)
Possession of methamphetamine. Jury acquitted defendant of knowingly possessing two ounces in pocket of vest he was wearing. Hennepin County dismissed charges of possessing methamphetamine in motor vehicle in which he was sole occupant.

State of Minnesota v. B.P. (Cook County)
Conviction for criminal sexual conduct in the second degree reversed based upon ineffective assistance of trial counsel. Case subsequently dismissed.

State of Minnesota v. B.D. (Wright County)
Acquitted felony driving under the influence.

State of Wisconsin v. W.J. (St. Croix County)
Charged with attempted second degree murder; pleaded guilty to reckless discharge of a firearm. Drive by shooting where defendant shot individual in face.

State of Kansas v. S.J. (Sherman County)
Charged with felony drug offenses and firearm charges. Defendant charged with possessing over 200 pounds of marijuana, possession of a firearm during drug offense and related charges. Before preliminary hearing State agreed to dismiss charges and file public nuisance ticket with $117.00 fine.